Welcome to The CYGNET Group. We are a company dedicated to investing our time and capital into the preservation, restoration and rehabilitation of historic structures, neighborhoods and landscapes.
Our expertise is in stabilizing and restoring structures and historic artifacts utilizing the best materials, craftsmen, architects / designers, and project specialists available, while working within the guidelines / standards set forth by the U.S. Secretary of the Interior concerning historic structures. We also apply these same values to our "new build" projects, where traditional / historical design elements are used in order to blend our structures into the surrounding buildingscapes and landscapes. An integral facet of our business model relies on the utilization of local and federal assistance programs for designated historical structures and areas. These cost benefits, when available, are used to insure that the finest outcome is realized and that the greatest net yield is provided to the shareholder / property owners, and the communities within which the properties are located. It is our goal that all stakeholders can expect to receive the highest possible return on their investments.

We don't believe that applying a fresh coat of paint, an inexpensive contemporary looking kitchen and saving a few external features of a property's facade fulfill the description "historic restoration". We believe in a more holistic approach that first determines the stabilization needs of the structure in question (i.e. structural integrity, electrical integrity, plumbing etc.) and then formulate a plan built around what is best for that property, while simultaneously keeping in mind the historical provenance and past uses of that structure. It is this superior attention to the past that enables us to provide the best future for these structures. Already, renovations on older properties from less than a decade ago are showing us that inappropriate "updating" can hurt the value, integrity, and the longevity of an historic property. At The CYGNET Group we strive to insure that our projects are not so ill-fated.

We are also a wonderful resource for communities that are unsure how to preserve and best utilize their own historic buildings, neighborhoods, and artifacts. We provide expert consulting (via CYGNET Group LLC) that is customized to the needs of the client and their respective goals.
We can help them in seeking funding for research, stabilization, restoration and throughout the entire process of redevelopment. Even if these organizations have their own in-house preservationists, archivists, and conservators, we can help these individuals to maximize their effectiveness and improve the outcome of a project by providing expert support, design and management services.

As the three symbols of our logo suggest, we affirm the values of:

Beauty & Grace;
Competitiveness, Achievement & Finest Materials
Strength & Peace

in all our dealings with our patrons, our subcontractors and in the projects that are our legacy.

CYGNET Group is, in many cases, the best things that can happen to an old home, a city's historic district, or just one of Great Grandmother's old heirlooms.

Connecting with The CYGNET Group

If you would like to discuss a particular property or engage us in conversation about your project, please feel free to contact us either by telephone, electronic-mail or through the efforts of the United States Postal Service.

We can be found at:

Telephone Number: 720- 220-3666
Electronic-Mail: Info@thecygnetgroup.com
Business Address: 1301 Lafayette Street, Denver, Colorado 80218

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